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Wind Power

Whether onshore or offshore, harnessing the power of nature to the benefit of all…

To attain the 8,000 TWh required in 2030 under the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, wind power generation must increase an average 18% per year during 2022-2030 period. Much stronger efforts from both public and private stakeholders are needed to achieve this level of sustained capacity growth.
Transforming wind power into energy forms one of the pillar offerings at deCarbOnize2. Our experienced offshore and onshore Wind Solutions Architects support you in every phase of the project. This ranges from strategic advice in the early stages of your project, to preparing project development plans, bringing your project to financial closure and supporting you throughout the execution stage up to commercial operation date.

Benefits of utilizing wind power for your company:

  • Supports your enterprise sustainability objectives
  • Guaranteed income from green, locally generated energy
  • Flexible in choice: you decide at what stage and in what form we help you
  • Total care: we realize it for you, even if you already have a subsidy

Our wind power green energy services to support you in five easy steps:

  • Feasibility study
  • Permits & Design
  • Procurement & Financing
  • Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance

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