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Sustainable Fuels

An upcoming carbon value chain… Bio Fuels, Alternative Fuels (ALFA), Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Sustainable fuels are an effective means to significantly contribute to achieving the EU’s carbon emission targets in the transport sector. EU protocols allow corporate’s purchase of Sustainable Fuels to account for reductions in their business travel emissions.


  • Contributing to lower emissions &  higher customer engagement
  • Control and access to a market with high demand
  • Strategic advantage over competition to participate in this upcoming value chain element

Our Services on sustainable fuels:

Building & ramping up of production capabilities

There are several EU approved production pathways, from traditional bio-based at scale pathways with a progressive shift towards advanced feedstock and new technologies for the creation of synthetically created fuels (Synfuels).

We can support you in setting up your sustainable fuel facility, by:

  • Initiative development: Business case creation, financing & subsidies
  • Realization: Planning, design and construction
  • Maintenance & management
  • Production scaling & capacity ramp up

Application of Sustainable Fuel in the Transportation Sector

Sustainable fuels play a key role in net zero ambitions for road and air transportation, however limited large-scale production is expected until 2023.

In the EU, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) capacity is outpaced by demand and a significant scale-up is required to meet expected rapid acceleration in demand. EU’s ReFuel mandates require the use of 20% SAF for all flights departing from European Economic Area by 2035, with some country specific rules being even more stringent.

We support transport companies in their sustainable fuel strategy, by:

  • Clear cut recommendations on the most viable commercial, finance and procurement options
  • Building your decision roadmap ensure that you won’t move too early or miss out on participating in sustainable fuel

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