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Sustainability Strategy

We at deCarbOnize2 support you not only WITH impact (rethinking the business model) but also act FOR impact (reinventing the business model). We believe a sustainable world and value creation go hand-in-hand. While helping leaders identifying the key actions towards net zero, we work with them to recognize key elements of the sustainability equation, diagnose the current state of business, establish baselines, define and draw an actionable sustainability plan, keeping in context business continuity and business integrity.

Our team of qualified Sustainability Advisors and Solutions Architects are taught on the application of our 5 elements of a sustainable strategy – Leadership, Vision & Strategy, Value Proposition, Value Chain and Value Creation & Profit Equation – promoting the deployment of a structured framework to the construction of a sustainable strategy.


The role of an executive leadership team is crucial to the successful execution of your company’s sustainability strategy. We at deCarbOnize2 focus on guiding effective leadership in sustainability transformation by:

  • Defining strategy and objectives, and supporting well-informed decision making on strategic options
  • Crafting compelling and inspiring messages for communication within the organization and to external stakeholders
  • Embedding sustainability goals for the organizations future that promotes effective changes in behavior of leadership teams and the organization as a whole


We at deCarbOnize2 believe there is a great opportunity for sustainability messaging around your brand and your product/service features. Our team of experts can strengthen your value proposition by:

  • Enlarging your company’s positive impact to people and society
  • Building a compelling sustainable customer offering for your products and services that boost your revenues and drive value creation
  • Using data driven analytics to tailor your sustainable offer
  • Prioritizing product features based on existing and future customers perceived value and value attributions


We at deCarbOnize2 believe the business world of the future will opportunities for those embracing sustainability as a core principles of their offering. Our team of experts help you boost the value proposition of a sustainable offering by:

  • Building a compelling sustainable customer offering for your products and services that boost your revenues and drive value creation
  • Measuring and benchmarking your products emission intensity making it stand out
  • Creating alternative business models that helps disseminate your sustainable offering


We at deCarbOnize2 believe integration and continuous adaptation of sustainability aspects into all business activities and processes of your value chain is essential for long term value creation. Our team of experts help you reduce the environmental impact of your value chain by:

  • Setting up strategy and methodological supplier selection process, enabling you to proactively engage for sourcing of materials, equipment, and logistic services for the distribution of your products and services
  • Accelerating the transition of your energy consumption and reducing the environmental footprint of your operations:
    • Identifying the most appropriate sustainable energy technologies
    • Using high-quality offsets to compensate emissions
    • Overall cost and eco-design for the reduction in energy consumption


We at deCarbOnize2 have proven consistently that with our methodological a sustainable transition and value creation go hand in hand.
We fully recognize the importance of profitability and long-term value creation for the future of your business and your stakeholder’s interests. We support you by:

  • Data driven analytics of impact on revenues, costs and profitability
  • Scenario analysis, focusing on investment metrics and Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)

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