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As investor and customer (as well as all other stakeholder) preferences evolve, more information is being demanded from companies beyond financial results and outlook. Investors want to know more about how a company’s operations impact the environment and what actions are taken regarding diversity and inclusion. Further, regulatory bodies are continuously proposing and implementing new rules resulting in required climate risk and ESG analyzes by companies with full disclosures.

As investors’ needs evolve and regulatory pressure increases, companies are quickly having to adapt and determine what related information to share and how they will disseminate that information.

Building a meaningful and comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance report refers to how a company’s products and services contribute to a sustainable business model as well as its ability to manage operations and minimize negative impacts to the environment (e.g., waste, pollution, deforestation, etc.).

ESG’s  Environment refers to how a company operations and products impact the environment and what actions a company is taking to minimize those impacts in relation to climate change, natural resource scarcity, pollution, waste and other environmental factors.

All companies have the responsibility to being good members of their community and society. As a result, ESG’s Social includes information on the human or social elements of a business’ operations, including company values and business relationships, and extends to topics such as labor and supply chain information, product quality and safety, employee health and safety, diversity and inclusion policies, and cyber security and data privacy information.

Establishing a framework that addresses governance at all levels of an organization against corruption and unethical behavior is essential. ESG’s Governance topics include details on the structure and diversity of the board of directors, executive compensation, ethics and policies on lobbying, political contributions, bribery and corruption.

Using Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, we at deCarbOnize2 help you to build a comprehensive ESG report on your company’s sustainability strategy, including internal and external publications and communication channels to your various stakeholders, such as:

  • Company sustainability vision and strategy with ambition integrating the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Roadmap & timelines of key initiatives and trigger points to reach these goals
  • Predictive data analytics and tracking of your company’s emission trajectory including industry benchmarks and your company’s social and economic objectives
  • Sustainability accounting and certificates

Sustainability Presentations:

At times, the complexity of ESG for an organization can be overwhelming, making the internal and external alignment of stakeholders the very initial milestone to overcome.

Our team of Sustainability Advisors can, in a simplified 360° view, ensure a concise stakeholders alignment presentation is consolidated for your organization. Tailored to address all the different stakeholders – employees, customers, board or investors – this alignment deck can support overcoming the first milestone on your pathway to a sustainable business.

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