Emissions Tracking

Emissions Reduction Platform

Not only data…it is data and action

With the intent of calculating and promoting oversight of the progress towards net zero, deCarbOnize2 with its partners is developing a platform and continuously refining a methodology to bring together all the elements that impact your decarbonization journey.

Thanks to this visual platform and fostering collaboration between the industry and the providers of alternative low emission technologies, deCarbOnize2promotes acceleration of client’s emissions reduction: from strategy to target achievement.

Foundations of the platform:

Actionable strategy

The platform allows to directly translate your strategic sustainable ambitions into concrete measurable objectives.

Emission trajectory

The platform’s scenario-based analysis tool accurately tracks the impact of implemented measures and recommends future pathways.

Scopes 1 and 2 are built into the platform with the possibility for integration across your value chain for scope 3.

Emissions Reductions solutions

The platform provides our clients access to a unique network of our technology partners, aiming to offer the most optimal tailormade emission reduction and energy solutions.

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