Emissions Tracking

Emissions Monitoring & Forecasting

Measuring and monitoring your company emissions and the impact of strategic decisions

In the corporate journey towards decarbonization it is crucial to translate the strategic elements into actionable insights and to evaluate options and consequences of different scenarios.
We support you along the way, from implementing the best and most suitable tools for your company’s activity, accurately tracking & forecasting your emissions, to measuring the impact of decisions towards your objectives.

Data collection:

  • Secure and reliable connection of your data via APIs intelligent forms
  • Collect primary data from suppliers, with scientific-driven allocations
  • Automatic updates of emissions factors and new regulatory requirements

Transparent calculation methods for accurate tracking:

  • Baseline calculations of your impact, thanks to standardised calculation layers for your value chain activities
  • Track performance against emissions target and carbon budgets
  • Leverage predictive analytics to forecast emissions and trends, spot emissions gaps seamlessly

Build reduction pathway:

  • Make data-driven decisions for tailored proven reduction measures, complying with regulatory standards
  • Simulate savings from new sourcing strategies and new technologies
  • Understand the complete financial and carbon impact with robust scenario analysis and capital allocation in alignment with business strategy

Displays and reports that will help you visualize and deliver on your emissions reduction targets:

  • Display of carbon emissions data in the tool and export of multi-format reports
  • Increase engagement with stakeholders on emissions accounting and reduction efforts certifications
  • Create regulatory assessment reports (e.g. GHG Protocol, BEGES)

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