deCarbOnize2 in a nutshell

deCarbOnize2 is a strategy and technology consulting firm specialized in sustainable business model transitions and the decarbonization of business operations. Furthermore, deCarbOnize2 has developed a unique expertise network with insights on latest trends, developments and protocols in sustainable practices.

What We Do

Leveraging our extensive experience in value chain integration, energy efficiency and storage solutions, sourcing of sustainable materials and logistics, we support clients – ranging from non-profit to large multinationals to innovative start-ups – with the best advice and insights.

deCarbOnize2 brings together an international team of high level experts including engineers, economists and specialists in energy, transport and environment.

Our team and our extensive partner network have the expertise to kickstart your sustainability strategy, bring projects to financial closure and assist you during the implementation phase.

Our unique methodology – deCO2 Sustainability Framework© – assures the benefits drawn from a robust strategy is translated into actionable emissions reduction projects and monitored on a continuous basis via automated emissions tracking. It is via the deCO2 Framework that the most successful companies transition into a sustainable business model.

  • We offer a comprehensive analysis and strategic roadmap process that assures alignment and clarity across all stakeholders
  • We use a proven methodology with a clear course of actions and milestones for each step in the process of sustainability strategy development aiming at making implementation and execution more effective
  • Our methodological approach makes sustainable business transitions and value creation go hand in hand

Our Vision

Make a transition to a more sustainable world and value creation go hand in hand.

Our Mission

It is our mission to advise our clients and support the building of successful strategies, sustainable leadership and corporate identities, creating long term value and accelerate the transition to net zero-emissions globally. By doing so, we strive to be their preferred partner and attract best-in-class human capital.

How Can We Help You?